Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Projects

This turkey project from Reading Confetti is made from pretzel sticks a paper cup, some 'googly eyes' and construction paper for feet and colored with magic markets.  Dip the pretzel sticks in yellow and orange and red Wilton Candy Melts from Michael's or your favorite local craft store, trace the turkey's body on a white paper cup, and cut out some feet from construction paper.  Fun, a little messy, but that's what crafts are all about! This is a great fine motor project and the tactile stim from the pretzels and chocolate are great for the kids (even though they'll never know iit!) The kids can take home a proud Thanksgiving centerpiece for the holidays. 

Don't want to add to the sugar intake of your students? How about this cool fine motor project from Teach Preschool.  You can make it using pipe cleaners or feathers, both work well for the turkey's tail feathers. Whatever you have on hand will work!

Again, the base is a paper cup, wrapped in some brown construction paper, add a beak and eyes with a marker. Poke some holes in the bottom of the cup, and have your students add the tail feathers. Again, a perfect tatctile experience for the kids s well as a creative outlet using their fine motot skills. 

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